Business To Business Program

Gold Star Cleaners understands the value of your employee's time. We will combine 100 years of Dry Cleaning experience with the needs of your employees in offering you our Business to Business Program. Here is how it works

Your Business will provide a secure pick up and drop off area for the clothes. Each individual who signs up will receive a personalized dry cleaning bag. Every Tuesday and Friday our van will pick up and deliver at your place of business. A monthly bill is sent to each participant's home for their cleaning. The Pick-up and delivery service is Free! Getting started is simple. Just fill out the sign up sheet, then email it to and we will start on the first Tuesday or Friday of your choosing.

Over 50 Bangor area businesses have found our Business to Business Program to be a proven, helpful, and timesaving way to service their dry cleaning and laundry needs. If you have any questions about our service, please contact Eric Pooler at 989-5170 or by email at

Commercial Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Services

Gold Star offers a coin operated washer and dryer service for your apartment building hotel, motel, and retirement center or anywhere needed. There is no cost for the equipment or service. Fully insured, worry free service that generates an income stream and provides a much needed service that enhances any rental property. Contact Eric Pooler at for an on-site evaluation.

Commercial Laundry for Your Business

Rags, rugs, door mats, aprons, johnnies, kitchen wipes, uniforms, sheets and pillow cases, bedspreads or anything you might put into your washer. Special pricing and free pickup and delivery. Gold Star Cleaners will clean your commercial laundry individually, not with other laundries like our competition, and will be delivered back neatly wrapped in plastic. We provide the laundry bags and bins if needed. Gold Star Cleaners provides services statewide and we travel long distances for laundry such as summer camps, hospitals, etc. Call our office at 989-5170 or email us at and we can discuss how we can save your business money in labor, energy, and equipment costs. Let Gold Star Cleaners do what we know best so you can focus on your business and what you know best.